Mediacampus, Nantes



The MediaCampus joins the set of architectural projects that gave a new breath and a new face to the industrial heritage of the Ile de Nantes: the School of Architecture, the Gallery of Machines, the Factory, the Beaulieu Shopping Center, the future Ecole des Beaux-Arts.

It also corresponds to the wish of developers (Samoa and Nantes Métropole) to make the island of Nantes a point of convergence and a reference in the field of culture and creation. This ambitious project aims to make the MediaCampus a unique cluster that allows the link between a higher education institution (SciencesCom) and a media (TéléNantes) on the creative district of Ile de Nantes, a rapidly changing and strong neighborhood. urban recomposition.

The goal is the convergence between teaching, research and the media to enable students to confront the world of work, even to practice it.

Photos: © Michel Denancé, © Moatti-Rivière agency

Technical sheet

Competition: winning project
Client: Audencia Business School
AMO: CCI Nantes St-Nazaire

Housekeeper: SAMOA

Location: Ile de Nantes
Surface area: 5,700 m²
Mission: architecture
Cost of works: € 14.2m TTC
Delivery: June 2017

Team of Project Management:
Agence Moatti – Rivière, Mandatory Architect
Design Office: Egis Buildings West Center (BET TCE and HQE), VPEAS (Economist), Avel (Acoustician)