agency and resources


The Moatti-Rivière Agency began with an encounter between Alain Moatti, an architect and designer since 1985, and Henri Rivière (1965-2010), architect and designer and 1990 graduate of the Camondos School. With similar training and the same artistic sensibility, Alain Moatti and Henri Rivière shared the same taste for the “apparent”.

In 2001, following parallel paths, they decided to become associates: imagination, emotion, an intensification of the program, the history of place, are all behind the projects, which are grounded in reality, to which they give a face.

The Moatti-Rivière Agency is known for its ability to intervene in places full of history and symbolic value, both respecting their identity and at the same time giving them a contemporary face and a new life.

In all areas covered – cultural facilities and institutions, shopping malls and shops, hotels and restaurants, offices and product design – the identity of the customer is central.

Indeed, building a museum for a city, inventing the concept design for a shop or reflecting upon the headquarters of a company requires the same attention to the identity of the end user and a sensitivity to the place where it occurs.

This reflection on identity arises upstream of the architectural project.

The Moatti-Rivière Agency has this particular talent, which is to extract the architectural project itself from the recesses of the “brand”.

This talent has been recognized by some of the most prestigious names in the world of culture, fashion, hospitality and gastronomy (Jean-Paul Gaultier, Yves Saint Laurent, Galeries Lafayette, Baccarat, Chef Yannick Alléno, Solidere, Starwood capital, Accor…) and is manifest, for example, through working in exceptional locations (Paris and the Eiffel Tower, Courchevel, Beirut, Cannes, Dubai, etc.).

The expertise of the agency is found at the crossroads of architecture, interior architecture, museography and design in order to offer complete comprehension of the customer’s request and respond in the most relevant manner possible to their programmatic needs.

Human resources and materials

Founder and Director


  • Marie-Pierre Guérin – senior architect, project manager
  • Fabio Bezzecchi – senior architect, project manager
  • Pascaline Pobé – senior architect, project manager
  • Mathilde Félix-Faure – senior architect, project manager
  • David Lecomte – operational architect
  • Albane Macé de Lepinay – designer
  • Grégoire Plasson – architect and 3D model maker
  • Mihaela Kaykova – architect
  • Ana Markovic – architect
  • Carlos Alvarez – architect project manager
  • Amandine Mornet – architect
  • Emmanuel Nguyen – architect
  • Guillaume Barbaroux – architect
  • Pierre Chastel – architect
  • Giovanni Nepi – architect
  • Brice Maurin – architect HMO
  • Giovanna Carrer – head of communications and development
  • Stéphanie Isidore – administrative secretary

Outside collaborators

  • Alain Deswarte – 3D computer graphics
  • Tijani Loussaief – 3D computer graphics
  • Samuelle Sommier – model maker
  • Laurent GEA – IT and network managment

Material resources

Network logistics

  • Gigabit Ethernet under Windows 7 & 2011 Sbs
  • Very high speed internet Fiber


  • 1 Dell Server / Windows SBS 2011
  • 2 NAS Server / Backup & Archives
  • 24 network stations with 24″ screens

Printers and peripherals

  • Tracer A0 HP DesignJet
  • Copier, Printer, Sharp MX Laser Scanner
  • Digital Photocopier, Digital Laser Fax

Digital Camera

  • Lumix


  • Revit Autodesk Building Design Suite Premium 2014
  • Autocad (2010 et plus)
  • Autocad LT (2010 et plus)
  • 3DSmax (2010 et plus) + V-ray
  • Rhinoceros 5 + V-ray
  • Cinema 4D
  • Adobe Design Standard (CS4 et plus comprenant Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat Pro)
  • Microsoft Office (2010 and more including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook).