International Center of Graphic Design, Chaumont

Card castle


Restructuring and reconversion of a 19th century building (formerly Banque de France) and creation of an extension to house the International Center for Graphic Design. The project is set in the global thinking of the station sector in Chaumont.

The project is composed of large plans laid in the city. The architecture borrows its typology from that of the world of graphics, objects and media invested from ever and until today by this Art: poster – sheet – page – screen – panel.
These large plans are made of stone. They compose the walls and the roofs. They are rendered abstract by their thinness, composed of panels of 12cm thick: facing stone and aluminum honeycomb core. This rigid material gives the stone its finesse.

These juxtaposed or superimposed planes approach or move away. Between them, large glass panels are installed, vast surfaces that can be closed by curtains. Thus, from the city, one sees the interior of the place.

Simple in its fine mono-material, rich in its volume, the International Center of Graphic Design is a silent abstraction ready to receive all the images.

Environmental approach: integration of the project in the site, choice of eco-friendly materials, energy and water management, maintenance – sustainability of technical systems, hygrothermal comfort, olfactory and air quality.

Photos: © Michel Denancé, © Moatti-Rivière agency

Technical sheet

Competition: winning project
Client: City of Chaumont
Surface area: 2,941 m²
Mission: architecture and museography
Cost of works H.T .: 7.8 M €
Delivery: 2014

Project Management Team:
Agence Moatti – Rivière, Mandatory Architect and Museographer
Engineering offices: INEX (BET fluids and HQE), RFR (BET structure and facades), Avel (acoustics), Michel Forgue (economy), Lights studio (lighting designer), Dekra (SSI and PMR), Polymago (graphics and signage ), The sentinels of the collections (preventive conservation), Vincent Taurisson (multimedia).