Architecture is the creation of imaginary places to which we give a face in reality.. Beauty is not an aesthetic canon, nor something that pleases us. Beauty takes away before giving back. Beauty is what brings questions to our certainties. Only a place has permanence through time; that which is not is transient. This unique identity extends into the material, gives it a face.


                                 We live where we want to linger, where we prefer to go, where we like to contemplate. Architecture must satisfy a desire, not a need.


The word that carries the project is also a given word.


Maturity is the ability to keep intact the continuity of one’s desire, as in the pleasure experienced with ” the appearance of the project.”

The image is a snapshot of the project that bears an idea of the future. It is a kind of “iconic” image, which determines my exigency to hold the promise of the future it embodies.


“Finding the place and the formula “


The symbolism is what unites all our imaginations.


Only the local has the chance to be universal.