Hôtel de la Marine, Paris

Seeing is having distance



Tomorrow, in the Hôtel de la Marine, a system of contemporary material and digital objects extends the very nature of the Monument: the pageantry.

They mark the visits, allow me to find the history, the furniture, the decoration that I wish to contemplate.

I achieve this simply by building my short or long course, I deepen the beauties and the teachings, I know the famous characters.

Historical architecture and scenography, in a common quest, must offer a spatial experience of knowledge, encounters of images, objects and characters in an active dimension of restitution of the meaning of a Monument whose memory is long.

Thanks to the Confident, my companion, the various digital devices come alive, in light, the walls speak, the building and the sets tell us what they saw, heard, felt … They address me, that I be alone or in group, amateur visitor, family, visitor on a spree, tourist.

Based on the fulfillment of the five senses, these confidants lead me closer to the past, allow me to possess them for a moment in the present and to deposit my memories for the future. They do not repel me if I’m not comfortable with the technological objects. Avant-garde, they are obvious to me and challenge me if my young age gave me this culture. They will be moments of welcome, invention, challenges, pause and recovery.

I will remember my experiences that I entrusted to the “Great Luster” of the steward’s court and keep them, many years later, in memory.

See you in December 2018 for the opening of the Hôtel de la Marine in Paris!

Photos: © Moatti-Rivière agency

Technical sheet

Winner Competition
Client: Center of National Monuments
Location: Place de la Concorde, 75008 Paris
Surface: 12.000m²
Mission: scenography, museography, signage, graphic design, furnishing and assistance in the definition of digital mediation tools
Cost of works H.T .: 8.3 M €
Delivery: 2019

Project Management Team:
Agence Moatti – Rivière, Mandatory Architect
Design offices: ILUSIO (digital scenography), LOCOMOTION (signage and graphics), 8’18 (lighting), SISMO (furniture design), VTIC (Multimedia), TPFI (flow)