Avril Group Headquarters, Rennes

The campus


Establishment of the AVRIL Pôle Animal headquarters on the Ker Lann Campus in Bruz with the construction of a new office building of 13,000m².
The profound change that the Sofiprotéol group has just undertaken in 2015 is embodied in a new image close to its activity and asserting a unified identity.

We looked for a real anamorphosis of this approach with the construction of this new APRIL seat for the Animal Pole. A strong identity and an identity building contribute to the feeling of belonging to common values ​​for all the employees who work there.

At the heart of our project, a space of presentation and representation, a place of “Performance”, as this performance is at the heart of the life of the Group. In this heart, allow the light thanks to its external composition of volumes of different heights.

Photos: © Moatti-Rivière agency

Technical sheet

Competition: 2015
Client: Groupe Avril
Location: Rennes
Surface area: 9.000 m²
Mission: architecture
Cost of works H.T : € 14.8 million
Delivery : NC

Project Management Team:
Agence Moatti – Rivière, Mandatory Architect
Design offices: ADIM Ouest (real estate development), INGECOR (BET TCE), Vinci Facilities