Glass House, Paris

The sixth dream


Scenography for Saazs as part of the Designer’s Days 2013 event.

Here, in the heart of the city, is the place of refuge, a place of peace.

It is at the same time a cave and a place of light, a place of origins and a space for the future, a static place and a place of transformations.
It is composed of a mono enveloping material, emitting a light floating in its thickness. Light is not a reported object, it comes from the heart of the glass.

This place bears what we love in nature, the perceptible energy of the living.
It is from its mass that all its energy comes.

Here we can live, moving from emotions to understanding and sensations to knowledge.
To live this place, it is at the heart of the material of the glass that it is necessary to penetrate.

We present the Plexiglas model on a 1 / 7th scale of the upcoming work.
In this project the walls are not simple sheets of glass that form an enclosure.

The project is made by 150 glass plates 2 cm thick.
The 150 plates represent the 150 subsidiaries of the Saint-Gobain group, each is an extra-clear glass plate whose edges have been softened.

Photos: © Saazs, © Moatti-Rivière agency

Technical sheet

Direct order
Owner: Saazs
Location: A Glass House, 4 Passage Sainte Avoye, 75003 Paris
Surface area: 200 m²
Mission: scenography
Delivery: 2013

Designate :
Moatti Agency – River, Alain Moatti